The BBA is proud to present its FY16 Annual Report

As you no doubt know if you have spent time with us at 16 Beacon Street, the Boston Bar Association and Foundation strive to uphold certain principles. Chief among them are promoting excellence in the legal profession, expanding access to justice and improving the quality of the justice system, encouraging diversity and inclusion in the practice of law and giving back to our community through public service.

This joint Annual Report of the Boston Bar Association and Boston Bar Foundation highlights the best of our work in these areas over the past year. Our members and supporters continue to make our mission a reality by giving generously of their time, energy and resources – always inspiring us to do more.

If you are a member or supporter, we want to extend our heartfelt thanks for all that you do.

If you wish to help us do the work summarized in these pages, we encourage you to get involved at the Boston Bar by contacting Kristen Scioli White at