1. He and his wife Kim have three children: Jessica, a graduate of the University of Virginia; Brittany, a graduate of Boston College now doing graduate work in the sciences at B.U.; and John, a freshman at B.C. The Daciers also have two granddaughters.
  2. He is an avid skier and likes working in the yard of his Sherborn home on weekends.
  3. As a child in the 1960’s he remembers taking a tour of our nation’s capital and seeing anti-war demonstrators; his parents told him that personal rights and freedom of expression make our country unique.
  4. His father was in the Army Air Force in Asia during World War II, received the Distinguished Flying Cross, and was mentioned in Robert Dorr’s 2012 book, Mission to Tokyo: The American Airmen Who Took the War to the Heart of Japan.
  5. Two of his uncles also served in WWII, and one of them became chief mechanic on Air Force II during Lyndon Johnson’s presidency.
  6. Both his parents were involved in the community. His father, a dentist, provided pro bono dental work to the nuns from St. Michael’s Church in Hudson. Both parents were Scout leaders and very involved in the church.
  7. Dacier is a Distinguished Eagle Scout, a rank that puts him in the rarefied company of Stephen G. Breyer, Robert M. Gates, Neil Armstrong and Steven Spielberg, among others.
  8. His work on behalf of EMC has given him the opportunity to travel the globe and to meet with many senior executives and high level government officials.
  9. He still makes sales calls on behalf of EMC, and when he does that, he makes it known that he is wearing his business hat, not his general counsel hat.
  10. Dacier recently made a sales call that generated over $100 million in revenue for EMC.