Joe Tucci, Chairman and CEO of EMC Corporation
“First and foremost, Paul has a reputation for integrity. He goes beyond just his sphere and understands our strategy. He works with our customers directly, he knows the people of EMC and he’s part of Team EMC.”

Chief Judge Sandra L. Lynch, U.S. Court of Appeals for the First Circuit
“Paul is a strong believer in our system of justice, our checks and balances, and he is very clear headed. He insists that people face reality and assess the consequences of proposed courses of action. So he has a lot of credibility, particularly in the business community, and he has taken that credibility and respect and used it for the benefit of the court system. For as long as I can remember, he has been an active proponent of adequate funding for the state courts in Massachusetts.”

Chief Justice Roderick L. Ireland, Supreme Judicial Court
“Paul will be an outstanding leader of the Boston Bar Association. He has been a great supporter of the court system in our efforts to secure adequate funding for the court system, and has given me excellent advice and counsel during the past year.”

David Strohm, EMC Lead Director
“Paul is a key member of the executive leadership team. As that team has grown and we have brought in significant talent from the outside and the inside, Paul is very much involved in communications among the team on business or organizational matters that might have legal or risk dimensions for them.”

Chris R. Ottenweller, Partner, Intellectual Property, Orick
“He believes strongly in the team approach to solving problems, whether it is a litigation matter or a business transaction. He displays excellent leadership skills – he is self-confident, calm, and engaged. He listens to different viewpoints, analyzes the pros and cons, and exercises solid judgment. I’m met many general counsel in my career from some of the largest companies in the world, and few can match the leadership skills Paul exhibits or the success he has achieved.

Bill Teuber, Vice Chairman at EMC Corporation
“Paul is one of the building blocks of EMC. Our business is innovation and Paul has supported that by building a patent portfolio, being able to defend EMC’s intellectual property, and giving excellent advice as to the business ramifications of many of the legal issues we’ve dealt with over the years. Paul’s the best.”

Tom Dougherty, Secretary to EMC Board of Directors, Partner at Skadden
“Paul has been integral to the growth of EMC by assuring its legal compliance, structuring its governance, monitoring its risk exposures and overseeing its day to day legal affairs. He’s very persistent and demands absolute integrity and a command of the facts and the law of outside counsel. He’s built a very strong legal team with lots of expertise, and it’s very diverse.”

Krish Gupta, Senior Vice President & Deputy General Counsel at EMC Corporation
“Paul has always said to us that he’s available 24/7. So if at any time of the day, any one of his lawyers from any part of the world has a matter or issue they want to discuss with him or bring to his attention, he’s always available to talk to them. We know that we have his complete support on decisions that we might make and that he will always back us up. There’s an enormous amount of trust between Paul and his team.”

Barbara Byrne, Vice Chairman, Investment Banking, Barclays Bank
“Paul is soft spoken, but he’s always at least two steps ahead of everybody else. He has the ability to integrate the legal, the business, and the financial. Paul can read people well. He has a very high E.Q. (emotional intelligence quotient).”

Susan Permut, Senior Vice President & Deputy General Counsel at EMC Corporation
“Paul is a great strategist and a great lawyer. He has built a world-class legal department and tolerates nothing but the best. He encourages his lawyers to work hard and excel in their careers and at the same time be active in the community. He will bring his wise and incisive legal mind to the Boston Bar Association as an organization and to address the challenges facing lawyers and the legal profession today.”

Jeff Taufield, Vice Chairman and Member of Executive Committee at Kekst and Company
“Paul goes about his business with a calm demeanor but he is laser focused and fully engaged. As a consequence, he gets the best thinking and best work out of those around him. He has an innate ability to really see what the issue is and how to get it resolved, and brings to bear all the resources available to him to help the senior leadership at EMC. In essence Paul is an integral part of the management team and is deeply respected within the organization.”

Reverend John Hudson, Pilgrim Church, Sherborn
“Paul’s been the guy in the church where if a family’s in trouble I can call him, and I can count on him to come through. Or if someone is unemployed and looking for a job, Paul’s always willing to help that person find a new job. He has also provided pro bono legal advice and worked for the church as well.”