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Summer 2014

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While foreclosure volume in Massachusetts has ebbed significantly in the past couple of years, divorce remains a prime potential catalyst for mortgage delinquencies, even in cases where the marital property shows significant equity.  It is helpful for the family law practitioner to know generally what happens in a foreclosure process in Massachusetts, what options may be available to a borrower (or non-borrower owner) in default, and how to avoid some common problems when dealing with a bank or mortgage company.
In a 2005 ABA article, it is estimated that one-third of all litigation in the lower courts is done by pro se litigants.Given these facts, how do we as lawyers cope with the pro-se challenge? Representing a client in a family law case against a Pro Se Litigant can be difficult, confusing, and occassionally legal responsibilities can become blurred. This article outlines specific and general practices that can help attorneys in these situations best serve their clients as well as ensure the case is handled properly by all parties involved.
Practictal Tips for Representing Clients with Mental Health Issues In Divorce
By Wendy O. Hickey, Esq. and Melinda J. Markvan, Esq.
One in four adults – approximately 61.5 million Americans – experiences mental illness in a given year.  One in about 17 – about – 13.6 million – live with a serious mental illness such as schizophrenia, major depression or bipolar disorder. If someone with a mental illness came to you seeking legal counsel,  how would you react?  Would you immediately dismiss her statement as that of a crazy person?  Would you tell her you are not accepting any new cases at the moment and wrap up the meeting quickly?  Or would you recognize that even mentally ill clients have rights in divorces and, knowing you cannot talk people out of their delusions, try to establish an appropriate rapport?
Pro-Bono Spotlight
The Suffolk County Family Court Workshop is a Success
By Elizabeth Cabral DiPippo with assistance from Evelyn Patsos, Esq.
The Suffolk County Family Court Workshop for Mothers and for Fathers is a pilot program created by Chief Justice of the Probate and Family Court, Angela M. Ordoñez, to address a need to disseminate information to mothers and fathers in Suffolk County who might otherwise be drifting through the court system confused and frustrated.The 90-minute workshop for mothers and for fathers is held monthly and is free to Suffolk County residents
Case Summaries
Reported Case Summaries
By Wendy O. Hickey, Esq., Elizabeth Silvestri, Esq., and Meredith DeJesus, Esq.
Decisions of the MA Appeals Court Pursuant to Rule 1:28
By Wendy O. Hickey, Esq., Brian J. McLaughlin, Jr., Esq., Ethan Rittershaus, Esq., Meredith DeJesus, Esq.

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