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Winter 2015

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Frozen Gametes & Family Law
By Rona Yang, Esq.
In its rapid evolution over the past two decades, assisted reproductive technology has become a fertile market for acquiring children, literally and metaphorically. Given the difficulties of adoption, prospective parents who cannot reproduce through sexual means turn to assisted reproductive technology such as freezing embryos for later implantation. For family law attorneys, this means dealing with the increasing prevalence of frozen gametes in divorces.
The public outcry after Jared Remy murdered Jennifer Martel prompted an inquiry into whether Massachusetts needed to enact additional legal protections for domestic violence victims that would encourage them to seek resources and protection. On July 1, 2014 an omnibus bill which became known as An Act Relative to Domestic Violence (“Act”) went into effect. Although much of the Act focuses on criminal law, domestic relations practitioners should note the civil provisions of the bill which may impact their clients.
Drafting stipulations to become temporary orders can be a useful and effective way to handle issues that arise on an interim basis during the pendency of a divorce or modification. Even if a particular stipulation seems quite simple and limited, there are still numerous things to take into consideration. This article provides practice tips to help you avoid common pitfalls so that whether a stipulation is the result of lengthy negotiations or scribbled in the hallway outside of a courtroom, unintended consequences do not arise later that are problematic for your client.
Case Summaries
Reported Case Summaries
By Meredith Dejesus, Alana Holly & Brian McLaughlin, Jordana Kershner, and Wendy Hickey
Decisions of the MA Appeals Court Pursuant to Rule 1:28
Ethan Rittershaus, Alana B. Holly, Elizabeth Silverstri, Ethan Rittershaus

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