Coastal Issues & Implications for Lawyers: Scientific, Regulatory & Legal Developments in Climate Change & Renewable Energy

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Publish Date : 12/11/2012

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Environmental, Land Use, Real Estate, and Energy attorneys representing clients in eastern Massachusetts are facing a multitude of challenges in an ever-changing physical and regulatory world.  Lawyers for alternative energy companies, developers, property owners, municipalities, utilities, and others with interests along the coast must understand all aspects of these changes: the natural forces that are driving them, the impacts of regulatory reform meant to address them, and the implications of related litigation.
This CLE materials set provides a comprehensive overview of the evolving science, regulatory schemes, and legal issues associated climate change and renewable energy sources in the coastal zone. The materials show important legal considerations and developments in the areas of regulation reform; Chapter 91 licensing; Article 97 rights; beach erosion, accretion and access; and property and development rights.

Specific Topics:

I. Climate Change / Adaptation
II. Renewable Energy / Regulatory Reform
III. Regulatory Reform and Litigation

Lealdon Langley
Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection

Edward S. Englander
Englander, Leggett & Chicoine, P.C.

Richard A. Nylen, Jr
Lynch DeSimone & Nylen, LLP

Samuel J Bennett
Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection

Steve Barrett
Director of Clean Energy
Harris Miller Miller & Hanson, Inc.

Scott Horsley
Horsley Witten Group, Inc.

Julia Knisel
Shoreline Floodplain Manager
Costal Zone Management

Alex Strysky
Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection


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