Tax and Business Planning Fundamentals for Solo & Small Practitioners

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Publish Date : 12/12/2012

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Like any business, a successful law practice requires careful tax planning to ensure compliance and maximize profitability. This CLE materials set will provide an overview of the tax and business issues that should be considered by every small firm and solo practitioner. From starting a new practice to protecting yourself in retirement, our presenters will explain the “nuts and bolts” of effective tax and business planning for small law practices. The materials will also identify common mistakes made by practitioners and provide tips on how to avoid making them in your own practice.

Specific Topics:

Choice of Business Form

    LLC, corporation, partnership, sole proprietor
    Tax efficiency and how to unwind if your plans do not work out

The Small Legal Practice in Operation: Tax Tips, Tricks and Traps

    Checklist of potential deductions for a legal practitioner
    Unreimbursed Partnership Expenses
    Prudent, audit-proof compensation in a lawyer’s S corporation or partnership
    Worker classification
    What tax authorities require to you keep and for how long
    State taxation of attorney’s earnings


    Factors to keep in mind when considering a retirement plan
    Preparing for the future/future needs in a tax efficient manner


Scott Kaplowitch
Edelstein & Company LLP

John Schachter
John Schachter + Associates, Inc.

Patricia Ann Metzer
Vacovec, Mayotte & Singer, LLP

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