Foundations for a New Practice CLE Series

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Publish Date : 10/4/2012

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When thinking about establishing your own law firm, the prospect can seem overwhelming. Particularly in a down economy, entrepreneurs are faced with different hurdles and new types of opportunities. How does a small firm gain a foothold and become viable?

It is possible to succeed in this climate - but not without help! With these informative CDs of our recent Foundations of a New Practice CLE workshops, you will have the basic building blocks to create a law practice for a new generation of lawyers. The materials set provides real world examples for how to build a successful law practice.

Specific Sessions and Speakers:

I.   Top Tips for Starting a Law Firm

This fast-paced program offers a rundown of some of the best practical tips for establishing a new law firm!

Rodney S. Dowell, Lawyers Concerned for Lawyers, Inc.
Kelly Ann Leighton, Barnes and Leighton
Saba B. Hashem, Bay State Building
Justin Mikowski, Mikowski & Leonard, LLC
Sankeetha Selvarajah, Perry, Krumsiek & Jack, LLP
Matthew P. Fitzsimmons, Law Office of Matthew P. Fitzsimmons    

II.  Successful Marketing Techniques to Grow Your Practice

Learn both traditional and non-traditional marketing techniques that wil get you noticed.

Christopher D. Strang, Desmond, Strang & Scott, LLP
Irvin J. Rakhlin, Rakhlin Law
James S. Bolan, Brecher, Wyner, Simons, Fox & Bolan, LLP
Robert J. Ambrogi, Law Office of Robert J. Ambrogi
Maryanne Peabody, Stybel Peabody & Associates, Inc.

III. Putting Technology to Work: Running a Small Firm with Big Technology

Learn which are the best technological practices and how to esetablish the necessary support systems to ensure the firm operates smoothly from Day One.

Steven M. Ayr, The Law Office of Steven M. Ayr
Jared D. Correia, Law Office of Management Assistance Program
Tasha Buzzell, Law Office of Tasha Buzzell
Kenneth Leeser, VarZero
Justin Lee Kelsey, Kelsey & Trask, P.C.

IV. Law Firm Financial Management: A Crash Course On What You Need to Get Started & Keep Afloat

Explore general financial aspects of running a small business such as how to draft an operating budget, effective tools to manage your firm's financial accounts and tax planning.

Daniel Crane
Patricia Ann Metzer, Vacovec, Mayotte & Singer, LLP
Thomas Britt
Ronia Stewart, Eastern Bank - Jamaica Plain
Eric J. Parker, Parker Scheer LLP

V. The Small Business Owner: Managing Your Practice

Gain insight on how to successfully manage practice issues and how to turn these potential headaches into genuinely effective marketing opportunities.

Laura M. Unflat, The Law Office of Laura M. Unflat
Heidi Alexander, Law Office Management Assistance Program
Jack Kukowski, USI Affinity
Alan J. Klevan, Klevan & Klevan, LLP
Elizabeth Munnell, Elizabeth Munnell & Associates

VI. Drafting A Business Plan: Putting It All Together

This session provides a step-by-step process of creating a business plan for your new firm.

Audrey Heidt, Law Office of Audrey Heidt
Sofia S. Lingos, Lingos Law
Stephen E. Seckler, Seckler Legal Consulting and Coaching
Susan Letterman White, Letterman White Consulting
Julie C. Cahill, Law Office of Julie C. Cahill

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