DO NOT USE - Parental Alienation: Litigation Strategies and Solutions

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Publish Date : 3/22/2013

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Parental alienation - and the origin of a child’s reluctance to spend time with a parent - continues to be a difficult issue increasingly faced by divorce practitioners. This CLE material set explores the issue of parental alienation; what is it, what are the root causes, and what are the available interventions?

Learn how to make a case for parental alienation, how to defend your client against an allegation, and how to find solutions – in court and outside of court – for this growing problem.

Specific Topics:

How to recognize and define alienation;
How to effectively advocate for solutions through the Courts;
Litigation strategies, including working with a GAL, expert witnesses, and your own client (whether accused of alienation or the alienated parent);
How to deal with parent-child estrangement issues in mediation;
What resources are available to repair the parent-child relationship?


Hon. Robert W. Langlois (Ret.)
Verrill Dana LLP

Peggie Ward, PhD
Co-Parenting Assessment Center

Elizabeth G. Crowley, Esq.
Burns & Levinson LLP



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