Preserving Affordable Housing in Massachusetts

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Publish Date : 6/3/2013

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Do you represent a lender, property owner, municipality or organization that deals with affordable housing?

Much of the Massachusetts private affordable housing stock is the subject of 40 year mortgages and related affordability restrictions that are about to expire. Affordable housing developers and lenders have been working alongside legislators and administrators with the Commonwealth of Massachusetts to develop effective policy and development strategies to ensure the continued affordability of this these important units. This CLE materials set containts the latest information about the steps taken at the federal, state and municipal level to preserve this affordable housing stock, the challenges related to these steps, and the various preservation tools and strategies that can be employed by developers to preserve Massachusetts' affordable housing stock.


I. Background and Policy Sessions
a. The Preservation Landscape in Massachusetts
b. Federal Policy and HUD Budget Constraints
c. Publicly-Assisted Affordable Housing Preservation Program (Chapter 40T)

II. Preservation Tools and Strategies
a. Federal Preservation Tools
b. Moving to Work: Project-Basing Enhanced Vouchers
c. Section 8 Portability
d. Tax-Exempt Bond Financing and Recapitalization with 4% Low Income Housing Tax Credit

III. Preservation Case Study – City of Cambridge

Emily Achtenberg
Housing Policy and Development Consultant

Bill Brauner
Housing Preservation Program Manager, Community Economic Development Assistance Corporation

Deborah Goddard
Chief Counsel, Massachusetts Department of Housing and Community Development

Lizbeth Heyer
Associate Director of Division of Public Housing and Rental Assistance, Massachusetts Department of Housing and Community Development

Karen Kelleher
General Counsel, Massachusetts Housing Finance Agency

Jonathan Klein
Partner, Klein Hornig LLP

Bart Lloyd
Manager Director: Acquisitions and General Counsel, Preservation of Affordable Housing, Inc.

Stephen M. Nolan
Partner, Nolan Sheehan Patten LLP

Vincent O’Donnell
Vice President, Local Initiatives Support Corporation (LISC)



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