Drafting Separation Agreements Reached Via Mediation

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Publish Date : 6/12/2013

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Mediation is gaining traction as the preferred way for divorcing couples to resolve their issues. With rising legal costs and busy court dockets, mediation is often a less expensive and more efficient alternative for clients seeking a divorce. It is increasingly common that divorcing couples utilize the services of a mediator at some juncture on their path to divorce.

As the market for mediation has grown at record speeds, so too have the number of mediators looking to break into the market. Mediators who help memorialize clients' agreements in writing and attorneys who use these written agreements to craft separation agreements will benefit from these materials. Purchase these materials to refine you skills for drafting a document that a) adequately represents the agreement or compromise between the parties and b) that will pass judicial muster. These CLE materials will offer their tips, samples, and best practices as well as guide mediators through the pitfalls that sometimes accompany mediated agreements.


I. The Role as Mediator - Drafting as a Neutral

II. Language Particular to Mediated Agreements

III. Separation Agreement Checklist - What must be included? What should be included?

IV. How to guide mediation clients through legalese without giving "legal advice"

V. Pitfalls of mediated agreements - what to avoid

VI. Judicial Approval of Mediated Agreements

Panelists and their affiliations:

Hon. Randy Jill Kaplan
Justice, Probate and Family Court

Hon. Joan P. Armstrong
First Justice, Suffolk County Probate and Family Court

William Levine, Esq.
Levine Dispute Resolution Center LLC

Alexander D. Jones, Esq.
Ginsburg Leshin Gibbs & Jones, LLP.


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