False Claims Act Liability: Colleges, Universities, and Non-Profit

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Publish Date : 4/10/2013

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Especially with budgets tightening, the federal government is increasingly focused on whether recipients of federal funds have properly used and accounted for federal dollars.  Mistakes - or worse -- with federal money carry substantial risks.  The Federal False Claims Act (FCA), one of the enforcement tools used by the Department of Justice (DOJ) and federal agencies, provides not only for civil liability but also criminal penalties and significant monetary sanctions.

Colleges, universities and non-profits have not escaped the government's scrutiny; on the contrary, they have encountered costly investigations and serious penalties for non-compliance with government rules.  

Our panel, comprised of experienced government lawyers, defense counsel and a forensic accountant, will discuss how to avoid running afoul of these rules and how to respond when the government comes calling, with a specific focus on higher education and non-profit recipients of federal funding.  Join us as we walk you through the risks and teach you how to protect yourself and your institution.  At the conclusion of the presentation, the panelists will field questions from attendees.

Specific Topics:

1.  Government investigations and the role of the Office of Inspector General
2.  The role of compliance programs
3.  Current enforcement trends and risk areas with a focus on research fraud
4.  False Claims Act liability
5.  Responding to a government inquiry
6.  Q&A


Fara Damelin, Esq.
Investigative Attorney - National Science Foundation, Office of Inspector General

Simon Platt, CPA, CFF, FCA
StoneTurn Group

Michael D. Ricciuti, Esq.
K&L Gates LLP

Paul W. Shaw, Esq.
K&L Gates LLP

Jeremy M. Sternberg, Esq.
Assitant U.S. Attorney - U.S. Attorney's Office

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