Criminal Law Appellate Practice

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Purchase this materials set to learn about the ins and outs of criminal appeals from strategy and brief-writing to meeting with clients and oral argument.

Part I
Technical considerations and strategies that should be explored before filing your appeal and while writing the brief.

I. Rules and local practices and procedures for appeals

II. Strategies for preparation for your first meeting with the client and whether to file a motion for new trial prior to the appeal

III. How and when to supplement the record and what to include in the record appendix.

IV. Briefwriting techniques and strategies

        a. How to get the court's attention
        b. The standard of review
        c. Preserving issues for federal habeas corpus
        d. Powerful statements of fact, choice and ordering of issues,
        e. Length and number of arguments and use and citation of precedent
         f. Moffett or Anders briefs.

Part II:
Guidance on oral arguments, including:
I.  When and how to prepare for oral argument? 

II.  Should you moot your argument? 

II.  What do you do if a new case relevant to your issue is decided after your file your brief or if you just missed a relevant case when preparing your brief?

III.  How do you determine which issues you will tackle at oral argument and and on which issues to rest on your brief?

IV.  If you are the appellant, should you "steal the thunder" from opponent's arguments?

V. What do you do if the panel asks you question you don't know the answer to?

VI. When might you concede a point at oral argument?


Honorable Joseph A. Grasso, Jr.
Massachusetts Appeals Court

Honorable O. Rogeriee Thompson  (unable to join us due to weather)
First Circuit Court of Appeals

Dina M. Chaitowitz, Esq.
Assistant United States Attorney, Chief of the District Massachusetts Appeals Unit

Judith H. Mizner, Esq.
Assistant Federal Public Defender, Chief of the District of Massachusetts Appeals Unit

Michael R Schneider, Esq.
Good Schneider & Cormier

Bethany Stevens, Esq.
Assistant District Attorney, Deputy Chief of Appeals Unit, Middlesex District Attorney’s Office

Joseph Stanton, Esq.
Clerk, Massachusetts Appeals Court

Chauncey B. Wood, Esq.
Chauncey B. Wood, Attorney at Law

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