Post-Deportation: Immigrant and Nonimmigrant Visas, Motions to Reopen, and Returning your Client to the U.S.

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Publish Date : 3/10/2014

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The First Circuit recently recognized the right of individuals to file a motion to reopen a deportation order, even after deportation.

This materials set will include an introduction to the area of post-deportation immigration law and how it has evolved in recent years.  The program will provide information on applying for immigrant and nonimmigrant visas after removal, along with the most common grounds of inadmissibility and accompanying waivers of inadmissibility, with a particular focus on obstacles faced by those who have been previously removed.  They will also cover "post-departure" motions to reopen, including a survey of circuit law on the issue, a discussion of recent relevant First Circuit decisions, and suggested strategies for filing post-departure motions to reopen before Immigration Judges and the Board of Immigration Appeals. Lastly, the the materials will include information on how to bring a client who succeeds on a motion to reopen or a petition for review after deportation back into the United States.


I. Introduction to post-deportation law
II. Immigrant and non-immigrant visa eligibility post-deportation
III. Post-departure motions to reopen
IV. Returning to the U.S. after a successful motion to reopen or petition for review


Daniel Kanstroom
Boston College Law School

Jessica Chicco
Boston College Law School

Trina Realmuto
National Immigration Project


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