The Boston Bar Association’s impact goes far beyond its 16 Beacon Street headquarters. By providing public service opportunities for its members, advancing diversity & inclusion in the legal profession, training the next generation of public interest leaders, and offering best practices for sustainability, the presence of the BBA is felt throughout the Greater Boston community.

Our Focus

Public Service

The BBA recognizes the importance of serving the larger community and providing legal services to those in need. Learn about the BBA’s public service opportunities, how to volunteer, and what’s new in public service; and be sure to read Beyond the Billable and our annual Public Service Report. 

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Diversity & Inclusion

The Boston Bar Association has taken a leadership role in advancing diversity & inclusion in the legal profession in Greater Boston. The BBA backs up its commitment with action by organizing public service projects targeted towards educating, mentoring, and employing the next generation of legal professionals; honoring leaders in diversity with our Beacon Award; housing our six affinity bar partners at our 16 Beacon Street headquarters; and hosting roundtable discussions and events on cutting edge diversity practices. 

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Public Interest Leadership Program

Since 2002, the BBA’s Public Interest Leadership Program (PILP) has trained the next generation of public interest leaders to promote civic engagement and public service by advancing the leadership role of lawyers in service to their community, their profession, and the Commonwealth. 

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Sustainable Practices

Thanks to the work of the BBA’s Environmental Sustainability Force, an initiative of BBA Past President Lisa Goodheart, the BBA offers best practices for sustainability in law firms and legal organizations, a list of green initiatives and organizations across Boston, archived blog posts from The Sustainable Lawyer, the Task Force’s official report, and a Green Lease Guide.

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