The Diversity & Inclusion Section is committed to advancing diversity in the legal profession. The Section promotes activities and programs consistent with Diversity Leadership Task Force recommendations and other diversity initiatives of the BBA through educational, outreach, mentoring, and networking programs.

Diversity & Inclusion Initiatives

  • Law Day in the SchoolsSummer Jobs

    The Summer Jobs Program has provided more than 350 diverse Boston Public High School students paid summer internships and financial literacy education.

  • Beacon Award

    The BBA Beacon Award for Diversity & Inclusion recognizes exceptional leadership on diversity strategies that will have a lasting impact on the Greater Boston legal profession.

  • Summer Internship Program

    The BBA’s Diversity & Inclusion Section provides the Judicial Internship Program which offers diverse law students the valuable mentoring and professional experience needed to succeed after law school.

  • Summer Jobs Law Day in the Schools

    Volunteer lawyers and legal staff share their passion for the law by visiting elementary, middle and high school students to teach ABA approved curriculum.   

Diversity & Inclusion Committees

  • Affinity Bar Relations Committee
    This committee collaborates with the Affinity Bar Associations to continue and strengthen affinity bar relationships with each other and the BBA.

    Contact Information

    Jasmine Jean-Louis

    Office of the Massachusetts Attorney General

    (617) 963-2147

    Amanda Morejon

    Office of the Massachusetts Attorney General

    (617) 727-2200

  • Committee for Attorneys with Disabilities
    The goal of the Committee for Attorneys with Disabilities is to build fellowship between attorneys with disabilities and their professional allies; share experiences, resources and career advancement strategies; and provide a forum for increased communication and understanding within the legal community. The Committee will work to develop opportunities for attorneys with disabilities and their allies to converge in social and educational settings.

    Contact Information

    Salomon Chiquiar-Rabinovich

    U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development

    (617) 994-8310

    Tovah Miller

    Senate Committee on Ways and Means

  • Diversity & Inclusion Education Committee
    This committee is responsible for providing a forum to discuss challenging topics related to diversity and inclusion.

    Contact Information

    Benjamin Kyle Golden

    Office of the Massachusetts Attorney General

    (617) 727-2200

    Tovah Miller

    Senate Committee on Ways and Means

  • Mentoring Committee
    The Boston Bar Association (BBA) recognizes the need to create long lasting relationships within the legal community in Boston. In order to do this, the BBA launched a Mentoring Program populated with seasoned attorneys in the Boston area to provide guidance, encouragement and necessary exposure to a diverse group of attorneys.

    Contact Information

    Caroline Koo Simons

    Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe LLP

    (617) 880-1800

    Madeleine Kristine Rodriguez

    Foley Hoag LLP

    (617) 832-1000

  • Pipeline and Recruitment Committee
    This committee works closely with law schools and pre-law programs to help promote Boston among lawyers of color and augment existing law school orientation efforts to help these professionals feel more comfortable in the local community.

    Contact Information

    Redi Kasollja

    Brammer Bio, LLC

    (866) 436-3266

    Chaloea Williams

    U.S. District Court-MA

    (617) 748-9152

  • Retention and Promotion Committee
    This committee provides information to the legal community on retaining and promoting attorneys of color in Boston. It also supports minority attorneys in their career trajectory through education, outreach and networking programs.

    Contact Information

    Joseph Y. Wang

    Sherin and Lodgen LLP

    (617) 646-2263

    Nichole Alcántara Beiner

    Mintz, Levin, Cohn, Ferris, Glovsky and Popeo, P.C.

    (617) 542-6000

The BBA recognizes that a diverse and inclusive legal profession is a strong one. That’s why it has partnered with seven local bar associations to provide them with meeting rooms and offices in its 16 Beacon Street headquarters. Learn more about these partners here.


Boston Bar Association Announces Support for ABA Resolution 113 to Increase Diversity in the Profession

The Boston Bar Association announced its strong support for the American Bar Association’s Resolution 113, an initiative designed to increase diversity in the legal profession. The Resolution urges all legal services providers to expand and create opportunities at all levels of responsibility for diverse attorneys, and urges clients to direct a greater percentage of the legal services they purchase to diverse attorneys. A report on the Resolution includes a model survey for providers of legal services to complete, which would allow prospective clients to view current levels of diversity among providers.
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From the Boston Bar Journal - Rethinking Law School Admissions Through Accreditation: A Simple Proposal

There is a glut of new law school graduates.  One former law school dean has estimated that there is a need for approximately 25,000 new lawyers each year.  Tamanaha, Failing Law Schools p.139 (2012).  On average, law schools have been graduating almost twice as many lawyers each year. Id.  This situation has persisted since 2009.  One result of this glut is that many well-educated men and women pay (or borrow and pay) up to $200,000 for a law school degree, but then are unable to find employment as lawyers.  There is a market disconnect, an inefficiency of staggering proportions.
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