For more information on the BMC/BBA ADR Program, please contact Katie D'Angelo, Public Service Programs Coordinator at 617-778-1914 or

The BMC/BBA ADR Program provides you with the opportunity to use your alternative dispute resolution skills to help litigants at the Boston Municipal Court (“BMC”). At the BMC, volunteers provide both Pre-trial Case Conferencing and Mediation.

The pre trial conference program is mandatory for all civil cases. In reviewing the status of the case and trying to help resolve the dispute you will help focus the issues and discusses mediation. Volunteer attorneys with at least 4 years of litigation, ADR or other legal experience meet with the parties of every civil case at the BMC.

As a mediator in the program you would provide valuable mediation services to unrepresented litigants, help them resolve their case and avoid trial. Mediators must have 30 hours of minimum training, as well as experience mediating at least ten cases. Mediators may be attorneys or community mediators. 

As a volunteer you will have access to an orientation, occasional voluntary workshops and discussion groups on relevant subjects. The commitment for each program is four mornings between September and June.

The Boston Bar Association reviews all applicants.