About the Program

Every spring, join lawyers and judges from all over the city to visit classes across the Boston public school system as part of Law Day. Last year, our volunteers reached over 1000 students through the BBA Program. It is a great way for BBA members to engage with Boston Public School students and share their passion for the law.

By participating in Law Day, you will work with students directly. There are opportunities to take your own classroom or to be paired up with another lawyer. Students that participate in the Program range from kindergarteners to high school seniors. The schools are located within the 21 different neighborhoods of Boston and draw a student population composed of diverse backgrounds.

Time Commitment

The total time commitment, including training, classroom preparation, and classroom time, averages 3-5 hours.

Requirements for Volunteering

  • Volunteers must be attorneys.
  • The BBA supplies all necessary materials and recommends appropriate activities.


For more information on the Law Day in the Schools Program and how to get involved, please contact Katie D'Angelo, Public Service Programs Coordinator, at kdangelo@bostonbar.org.

Boston Bar Foundation

This program is supported in part by the Boston Bar Foundation. To learn more about what the BBF does, click here.