Sustainable Ways To Help You Get Around Boston:

Hop Stop - Get door-to-door transit, walking, biking, taxi, and hourly car rental directions in more than 200 cities worldwide

Hub Way - A bike sharing system in metro Boston with over 60 locations and 600 bikes

Zip Car - The world’s largest car sharing system

Sustainable Food and Restaurant Options:

City of Boston Farmers Markets - Everything you need to know about Boston’s farmers markets – locations, schedules, permits, and more

Mass Farmers Markets - Official website of the Federation of Massachusetts Farmers. Learn about the brains behind the operation

City Growers - A local initiative that works with neighborhood associations, community organizations and local markets to turn Boston’s vacant lots into urban farms

Grow My City Green - Installs and maintains urban gardens for homeowners using rooftops/backyards in Greater Boston

Green Organizations and Initiatives in the City of Boston:

Environmental & Energy Services - City of Boston Initiative to promote affordable and efficient energy systems for residents

A Better City - A nonprofit membership organization that focuses on advancing transportation, land development and environmental policies, projects and initiatives

Greenovate Boston: A City of Boston initiative to reduce the city’s greenhouse gas emissions 25% by 2020

Renew Boston: A City of Boston Sustainability Program that offers no-cost building energy assessments and discounts on insulation and air sealing     

Boston Green Tourism: An initiative of visitor industry leaders looking to establish Greater Boston as a destination for environmentally minded visitors

Boston Area Sustainability Group: An organization that holds bi-monthly networking events to bring sustainability leaders together and share ideas 

Sustainable Boston: A directory of Boston’s sustainable organizations and initiatives

Sustainable Business Network of Massachusetts: A non-profit organization whose goal is to build a local, green and fair economy in MA

Sustainable Business Leader Program: A program of the Sustainable Business Network of Massachusetts designed to help small and mid-sized business be more sustainable

Environmental Non-Profits:

Environmental League of Massachusetts: A nonprofit organization focused on advocating for environmental laws and educating the public on environmental issues

Charles River Conservancy: A nonprofit citizens advocacy group dedicated to the renewal and stewardship of the Charles River Parklands

Conservation Law Foundation: Uses the law, science, policymaking, and the business market to find pragmatic, innovative solutions to New England’s toughest environmental problems

The Food Project: A youth program that works with teenagers and volunteers on 40 acres of farm in eastern MA. Food is distributed to community agriculture projects, farmers markets and hunger relief organizations