In support of the Task Force’s efforts, the BBA staff launched a blog in November of 2011 titled The Sustainable Lawyer, that (1) identifies best practices for law office sustainability; (2) highlights some ways in which individual lawyers can lead more sustainable lives; and (3) publicizes pro bono, volunteer, and board of directors opportunities through which attorneys can participate or support organizations advocating for sustainability efforts.


A.    The Sustainable Law Office

With respect to best law office sustainability practices, The Sustainable Lawyer (“TSL”) has described a variety of sustainability programs and strategies undertaken by public and private law offices, identified sustainability strategies in place at the Commonwealth’s federal and state court houses, and even reviewed the BBA’s own efforts to conserve resources and money. Topics covered by the BBA’s blog included:

The Sustainable Lawyer

TSL provided information detailing some of the sustainable options available to individual lawyers:

Service in Support of Sustainability

TSL also promoted the Task Force’s efforts to recognize the many ways that lawyers can support sustainability and to create additional opportunities for lawyers to benefit the environment, including: