BBA Volunteers Support Troops Through Legal Education

The yellow ribbon is a universal symbol of support for the United States armed forces. While some attend rallies or donate money, BBA volunteers can become part of the Yellow Ribbon Project by providing legal support and assistance to US troops in the pre and post deployment process.

"Since their involvement in February of 2011, BBA Volunteers have assisted more that 2,500 troops and families from the MA National Guard, Marine Corps, Army, Navy and Air Reserve" said LTC David Hencke, Chief - Deployment Cycle Support of the Joint Force HQ's. "There are thousands more who will require help and assistance."

A brainchild of Bill Sinnott, Corporation Counsel, City of Boston, and BBA Past President Jack Regan, the project seeks to meet the needs of active duty military personnel, recent veterans and their family members. The goal of yellows ribbon events is to have lawyers affiliated with the Boston Bar Association give the hundreds of military personnel who attend these events a sense of what legal issues they need to be thinking about. The BBA Delivery of Legal Services Section, Bankruptcy Section, Family Law Section, Trusts & Estates Section and Labor & Employment Section have all pledged their support to the project, and will be scheduling training programs for volunteers throughout the upcoming year.

"For pre-deployment yellow ribbon events, attorneys seek to provide assistance with trusts and estate planning, consumer debt matters, alimony and child support payments, and child care issues," said Lynn Girton Chief Counsel of the Volunteer Lawyers Project of the Boston Bar Association. "In the case of the post-deployment yellow ribbon events, the goal is to ensure that the military member gets the information necessary for increasing the chances of successfully reentering civilian life."

Yellow Ribbon events are held on weekends throughout Massachusetts. The time commitment is approximately 6 hours per event. To find out more about the event, speak to your Section Co-Chair or contact the BBA Public Service Manager, Jenna Peterson at or 617-778-1976.