On Friday, January 21 the Arts, Entertainment and Sports Law Committee will be sponsoring The Publishing Industry: Where Are We Headed where guest will hear expert opinions on recent trends in the publishing industry and the influence of new media. This event got BBA Week not only wondering what members of the Bar are reading, but whether they are reading it the conventional way or reading it via Kindle, iPad, eBooks, etc, so we are asking:

"What are you currently reading (and what are you reading it on)? "

If you would like to respond to a future Voices of the Bar, make sure you send a headshot, and contact Eric Fullerton at efullerton@bostonbar.org.


Donald R. Frederico - Greenberg Traurig LLP
"I'm reading Noah Feldman's book, "Scorpions:  The Battles and Triumphs of FDR's Great Supreme Court Justices."  It's a fascinating, behind-the-scenes account that focuses on four FDR appointees, Justices Black, Douglas, Frankfurter and Jackson, and on some of the important decisions rendered during a critical period in the Court's history.  I highly recommend it.  I'm reading the book in hardcover.  Although I have experimented with the Kindle and the iPad, I've decided that I still prefer print when it comes to reading books.  I've pretty much shelved my Kindle, but I do use my iPad for reading newspapers and magazines.  I subscribe to iPad editions of The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, The Economist, and several web-based news services."

Stacey Friends - Ruberto, Israel & Weiner
"I am currently reading 'Confederacy of Dunces' by John Kennedy Toole.  A writer friend of mine recommended it very highly, and it was given to me for Christmas by my children (with their dad's help!).  I am reading it old school (paperback), and although I am not too far into it yet, I can tell you it is extremely well-written and funny in an outrageous, farcical way.  Crazy." 

J. Andrew S. Binkley - Ropes & Gray LLP
"Currently, I am reading Nigel Bagnall’s 'The Punic Wars: Rome, Carthage, and the Struggle for the Mediterranean' in the old fashioned, Gutenberg-inspired, hard cover volume.  I found the volume while browsing the stacks at the Boston Public Library.  Hopefully the real book is with us a while longer; I spend enough time in front of a computer screen as it is."

Lucy D. Lovrien - Attorney at Law
"I'm currently reading two books, both in print:
1.  The Gettysburg Gospel: The Lincoln Speech That Nobody Knows, by Gabor Boritt.  Gettysburg is fascinating and this book tries to explain what is known, and what is unknown, about the day that Lincoln and others dedicated the memorial, and about the speech.

2.  Common as Air, by Lewis Hyde.   Beautifully written, short book that contemplates the origins of Copyright law and whether the current copyright climate includes too many parties attempting to close off the 'cultural commons' that should belong to everyone."

Sivananda Reddy - Fish & Richardson
"I read books the traditional way -- hardcover or paperback. There is nothing like holding a real book in your hands and turning each page with nail-biting anticipation. In fact my preference is a book that has passed through several readers and is dog-eared and heavily annotated! I am currently finishing up Freedom at Midnight by Larry Collins and Dominique Lapierre, the story of the events leading up to India's independence from the British in 1947-48."

Rebecca Waisanen - Northeastern University School of Law 2012
"Dubliners by James Joyce.  It is a Penguin paperback, copyright 1967. A friend was going to throw it away. The book is about the size of three iPhones but it actually weighs less than one!"

Audrey Perlow - Attorney at Law
"Recently I’ve been enjoying historical fiction though you could catch me reading books from most genres.  I read paperbacks and I’ve been trying to build a personal library for years so I tend to buy books rather than head to the library.  My boyfriend shares his running magazines with me and I read a lot of running/triathlon/any ridiculous endurance sport blogs on my laptop.  To round out my day I read the news on both my laptop and Droid phone."