"On Tuesday, September 27, the Securities Law Committee will be holding Trading in Private Company Shares: Securities Law Considerations. Taking "trading" in a different direction, BBA Week is wondering what profession you would be in if you had to trade in your job as a lawyer, so we are asking:

"If you weren't a lawyer, what would you be?"

If you would like to respond to a future Voices of the Bar, make sure you send a headshot, and contact Eric Fullerton at efullerton@bostonbar.org.


James C. Stokes - Bingham McCutchen LLP
"I was a pilot in the Marine Corps before I went to law school. After I finished my active duty service I had no interest in flying for an airline, but I would like to have flown float planes in Alaska, Newfoundland or some such place in the summer and in the Caribbean islands during the winter months."


Chinh H. Pham - Greenberg Traurig, LLP
"I like food...all kinds, and especially eating.  I am game for trying any dish once, and would love to have a chance to work in a role similar to Andrew Zimmern of Bizarre Foods where not only would I get to travel the world in search of the most exotic and unique dishes and food practices from various cultures, but that I would also get to eat what I discover.   Wouldn't that be a wonderful way to make a living?"

Stacey Friends - Ruberto Israel & Weiner, P.C.
"I would be a photographer.  I studied photography undergrad and I take photos everywhere I go - lots of them.  I take photos of school events for my children's teachers, and of course on holidays and trips. When I travel I like to capture landscapes, architecture, nature.  I usually have a few great photos from every trip or event I love (out of hundreds!), and a few I really like hanging in my home, but I do not have time to do much with them other than share them or post them on Facebook.  If I wasn't a lawyer AND I had no children, I would love to work for a magazine where I would travel and take photos of different places, cultures, and international events.  I especially like to photograph children and older people (I always ask)."

Matthew Lawlor – Robinson & Cole LLP
"If not a lawyer, then back to the other half of my split personality. I'd be a public sector urban planner, seeking to help good buildings get built. Since I'm a Boston resident, I'd want to be at the BRA, my adopted home town's planning and development agency. The BRA has a rich and varied history, mostly good, some bad, but never boring. How well it continues to do its job of guiding future building here in Boston will be crucial to keeping this a city worth caring about."

Harvey Weiner – Peabody & Arnold LLP
"If I were not a lawyer, I would become the much needed Red Sox starting pitcher AND left fielder at least for this season.  My exploits would guarantee a playoff spot for them, but there is no guaranty that I would bring them a pennant or World Series victory.  After the baseball season, I would join the New England Patriots as a pass rusher." 

Michelle-Kim Lee - Schwartz Hannum PC
"If I weren't a lawyer, I would love to be a food critic.  I enjoy discovering new restaurants and trying out new cuisines.  Being a food critic would combine my passion for food and for writing!"


Darren Braham – Prince Lobel Tye LLP
"Having been studying or practicing law since I was 18, I'm not really sure what else I’m cut out for (or who'd have me!). I've always wanted to be my own boss, and run a small business. One idea was to open a ready-made sandwich store in Boston. The concept is huge in London, and I always thought there was a niche for it here, but the Board of Bar Examiners foolishly let me sit for the bar exam, otherwise, we'd all be eating zesty shrimp, goat cheese and roasted red pepper concoctions!" 

Rob Ditzion - Shapiro Haber & Urmy LLP
"I love baking pies; I once made 10 apple pies in a home kitchen by myself one evening.  My wife jokes that when I eventually retire from the law, I should open Tartes and Torts.  If I were to pick something else to do other than practicing law, that would be a lot of fun."


Adam Bookbinder – U.S. Attorney's Office
"If I weren't a lawyer, I’d like to be on the PGA tour.  It's hard to imagine many better ways to earn a living than playing golf.  You're outdoors all the time, you get to play beautiful courses, and then there's the money.  Of course, there is the small problem of balancing all of that travel with family life and then the somewhat larger problem that I've never broken 90.  But maybe with enough practice I could get there.  On the other hand, maybe I should stick to being a lawyer."


Michael Kendall – McDermott Will & Emery LLP
"I would do refugee relief abroad.  I worked in that area before law school, and keep promising myself that when I stop billing hours, I will go back to it."