On Friday, November 4th, the Boston Bar Association will be holding a CLE titled: The New Massachusetts Uniform Probate Code at the Millennium Bostonian Hotel, where a fantastic panel of experts will be discussing new procedures for handling probate matters that will come into effect on January 2, 2012 under the "MUPC." The word "uniform" caught our eye and had BBA Week thinking about one thing everyone loves to dress up for -- Halloween. BBA Week couldn't decide if it wanted to ask about great costumes our members have worn or seen in the past or what our members plans were for this Halloween...so we asked both!

"What is the best Halloween costume you have ever worn (or seen)?
What are your plans for Halloween this year? "

If you would like to respond to a future Voices of the Bar, make sure you send a headshot, and contact Eric Fullerton at efullerton@bostonbar.org.


Nancy Keller-Go - Day Pitney
"Some year's back I went to a costume party dressed as the Seven Seas.  There I met a dashing gentleman dressed as a portion of Picasso's Guernica (his nine other friends being various other parts of the picture).  As it turned out, I have quite a fondness for modern art (but no particular fondness for swimming) and he is an avid diver and island-hopper with little to no interest in art (and even less in costume parties), who went along with a costume entirely produced by his friends.  Nevertheless we discovered that we had many other things in common and have now been married for almost ten years.  We will be trick-or-treating with our kids this year.  My husband shall not be wearing a costume, but the kids and I shall, as is traditional."

Stacylyn M. Dewey - Ropes & Gray
"This is my first Halloween as a Big Sister through the Big Sister Association of Greater Boston, and I cannot wait to take my Little Sister trick-or-treating!  We are both very excited about making costumes and collecting candy." 

Brian Harney - Attorney at Law
"The best Halloween costume I have ever worn was when I dressed up as "The Man With the Yellow Hat" from Curious George.  I wore it out to a large Halloween costume party and was surprised by how popular it was, given that it was an unoriginal store-bought costume.  A number of people (who were also in costumes) wanted to take pictures with me. Maybe it was because I had the perfect accessory, a Curious George stuffed animal that I carried with me the entire night."

Johanna L. Matloff - Conn Kavanaugh Rosenthal Peisch & Ford
I plan to be trick-or-treating with two little "monkeys."

Natasha Wright – Project Hope
"My Halloween plan is to go to Spooky World with my family to settle our bet on who will scream louder - my 16 year old son or my 12 year old daughter. I bet my son would."