Callers Express Praise for Lawyer Referral Service Attorneys

Every week, the BBA Lawyer Referral Service staff follows-up with callers as part of the LRS Quality Assurance Program to provide all of our callers with the best possible service. Recently, we have received an impressive amount of positive feedback about our service.

For example, one caller with a probate issue said the law group we referred him to “has outperformed [his] wildest wishes.” The caller reported to us, “You didn't have an angrier, more unhopeful person contacting the service than I. It was my last ditch; I had terrible luck with several places. When I called you, I thought it would be a waste of time. I didn't realize how good of a service you are and you connected me with a great lawyer!”

Another caller who needed assistance with an SSDI appeal said, “If it weren't for you guys, I would be up the creek without a paddle […] I have been bragging about you guys constantly. If it wasn't for the BBA, I would be homeless right now. The attorney you referred is working towards getting my situation straightened out. I appreciate your service so much; it has been a godsend."

Furthermore, we have received positive feedback about the BBA Lawyer Referral Service staff: “[…] you guys have been the best. I have used you many times, and every time you guys have been so nice.  When I have had problems getting through to the attorney, you have even called the lawyer and put me through. If I want to give any credit, it is 100% to you guys. If it wasn't for you guys, I don’t know what I would have done.”

We would like to thank all of the attorneys who help us provide such an important service to the public. As we continue to improve our referral procedures, we welcome all feedback to guide us in expanding the BBA Lawyer Referral Service, the only ABA-approved lawyer referral service in the greater Boston area.