Bingham Partner Named 2011 Preiskel-Silverman Fellow at Yale

Bingham Partner Sabin Willett was named the 2011 Preiskel-Silverman Fellow at Yale Law School. Founded in 1989, the Robert H. Preiskel and Leon Silverman Program on the Practicing Lawyer and the Public Interest Fund was established to honor both of its namesakes and to sponsor lectures and other events celebrating private lawyers’ contributions to the public interest. During his Oct. 24 lecture to Yale Law faculty and students, titled Your Guantanamo Moment, Willett discussed Bingham’s work representing Guantanamo prisoners. He described his “Guantanamo Moment,” which occurred in 2006 when a client wanted to drop his case, fearing that judicial review wasn’t worth the bedsheet MPs had removed after his habeas filing. Willett explained the firm’s efforts to prove the client wrong (the client is now free in Bermuda) and invited students to seize their own Guantanamo moments.