On Monday, November 21st, the BBA will be hosting a CLE titled: Effective Trial Presentation: Experts Discuss What Works - and What Flops - in the Courtroom. Though BBA Week is excited about this CLE, we also are looking forward to one of our favorite holidays -- Thanksgiving. BBA Week wants our members to dish on what about Thanksgiving "works" for them, so we asked:

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"What do you like most about Thanksgiving? "

Mark M. Whitney - Morgan, Brown & Joy, LLP
"Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday for two reasons.  First, I love that it is not as commercialized as other holidays.  There’s relatively little media hype/advertising blitz, unlike other holidays.  It is a time when our family really focuses on being thankful and the time we have together.  Second, Thanksgiving for us represents the start of the beloved ski season.  My kids all start their ski race training at 8am on Friday after Thanksgiving, so we always enjoy Thanksgiving up in the (hopefully) snowy mountains!"

Daniel Occena - Occena Law, P.C
"I have to shamelessly admit the thing I like most about thanksgiving is the Food. I always look forward to my “mama’s" cooking. I was raised to give thanks every day for all the things the man upstairs has blessed me with. I hardly miss an opportunity to tell the people closest to me how thankful I am to have them in my life. So Thanksgiving, well it’s a day I binge and break my diet."

Jessica Jacobowitz – Attorney at Law
"I LOVE the turkey and pumpkin pie! But most importantly, I love the time I spend with my family. There is nothing better than gathering around the Thanksgiving table and eating together. It is my favorite holiday!"

Michael Glennon - Glennon & Pasquale
Thanksgiving is about the two things that make me happiest - people and food!  Thanksgiving is a time to step away from the office, put down the phone, and pick up a fork.  There are too few times a year to gather with loved ones and ignore the rest of the world.  It is a holiday to be cherished.  Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Pat Clendenen - Nelson Mullins Riley & Scarborough
The Five F's: Family, Friends, Faith, Food, and Football.