On Tuesday, December 20th the BBA’s Fiduciary Litigation Committee will be hosting Survey of Recent Trust and Estate Cases from Outside Massachusetts, where experts will introduce cases from jurisdictions outside of Massachusetts and consider their implications inside the state. We know our members have chosen Massachusetts as a place to live and work, but we were curious where they would choose to live if Massachusetts was not an option, so we asked:

"If you had to live somewhere outside of Massachusetts, where would it be? "

If you would like to respond to a future Voices of the Bar, make sure you send a headshot, and contact Eric Fullerton at efullerton@bostonbar.org.


Michael Siedband – Looney & Grossman LLP
Marin County, California. Year-round road biking on beautiful, challenging terrain, easy access to super fresh local produce, and close to San Francisco without the chilly summers. If heaven is someplace in America, it’s almost certainly in Marin (maybe next-door in Napa or Sonoma).

Brenda Ulrich - The Law Office of Zick Rubin
Maine.  No question. Every time my family crosses the Piscataqua Bridge into Maine, we all throw up our hands and cheer.  This is our favorite place to vacation, relax and unwind, even in winter. If only moving there didn’t involve taking the bar exam again…

John Hansen - Bentley Center for Business Ethics
Massachusetts is an exceptional place to call 'home" ... but it's not perfect.   I've enjoyed the opportunity to live (in a commuting sort of way) in Washington, D.C. for much the past two years.  Since I'm not a "winter person", the more temperate climate of that region or perhaps North Carolina would be appealing.  The community would have to be dynamic and culturally active, and both D.C. and the Triangle in North Carolina would certainly qualify.  Of course, no matter where else I might live, Massachusetts will always be "home." 

Alex Philipson – Philipson Legal
"Sweet home, Chicago" -- my kinda town. I grew up in Hyde Park and, as a student at the University of Chicago Lab School, practically lived on deep dish pizza from Medici's (a.k.a. "the Med"). Before I followed the path of the law, I spent much of my youth studying classical trumpet with a member of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, which remains one of the premier orchestras of the world. And you can't beat Chicago for its importance in legal history, from Clarence Darrow to Richard Posner! 

Jacquelyn Redmond – Dhar Law LLP
If I had to live somewhere other than Boston, I would probably choose Atlanta.  I had such a great time there while attending Emory University. I enjoy the diverse city culture, the live music performances, seeing my friends in the Atlanta Ballet, and overall, the wide variety of activities, like in Boston, but with a more mild winter.

Joe Lucia - Foley Hoag LLP
If I had to live somewhere outside of Massachusetts, I would most certainly only choose to live in a state where I was legally permitted to pursue happiness in a committed and loving marital relationship.  Because I am sadly not free to do that in very many states in this country, my options are necessarily limited.  That being said, Vermont, New York or Connecticut would probably work just fine.

Owen Foster – Dechert LLP
Vermont.  The bar is adaptive and collegial, the judges talented, and the skiing is great.