BBA By-Laws Get Brought into 21st Century

Earlier this week, the BBA Council voted to approve new BBA by-laws, following a nearly year- long review process overseen by a special By-Laws Committee overseen by BBA Past President Kathy Weinman.

“The BBA’s tax-exempt mavens Martha Frahm and Melissa Sampson McMorrow deserve a great big thank you for their outstanding work in amending and restating the BBA’s by-laws,” said BBA President Lisa C. Goodheart. “Well drafted, well thought out by-laws are essential for well-run organizations.”

The BBA’s new by-laws reflect the Committee’s five objectives, which were to:

  • Simplify, streamline and modernize the by-laws
  • Improve governance consistent with the latest best practices and law
  • Reflect in the by-laws what the BBA is doing that works well
  • Concentrate authority in the Council
  • Reconcile the practices of the BBA and its charitable affiliate, the Boston Bar Foundation, to the greatest extent possible.

The By-Laws Committee was chaired by BBA Past President Kathy Weinman. In addition to Martha Frahm and Mellissa McMorrow, those serving on the committee included Boston Bar Foundation Immediate Past President Shaw McDermott, BBA President-Elect and BBF Trustee J.D. Smeallie, and BBA and BBF Executive Director Richard M. Page, Jr.