Q & A with BBF Junior Fellows Co-Chairs

Matthew Fitzsimmons, Law Office of Matthew P. Fitzsimmons
Michelle Kalas, Riemer & Braunstein LLP 

How does the Junior Fellows program differ from the Society of Fellows?

Matt – “The Junior Fellows program was created to give younger lawyers (in practice 10 years or less) an entry point to become more involved within the BBF. The Junior Fellows program attracts new lawyers and law students and cultivates them into becoming future leaders of the BBF. This differs from the Society of Fellows program because it’s more focused on getting these young lawyers involved and active in the BBF through social events and group public service projects.”

What activities do Junior Fellows participate in within the BBF?

Michelle - "Junior Fellows take part in a number of activities throughout the year, including happy hour socials, fundraising events, a special VIP reception before Casino Night, and public service days."

Why is it important for young lawyers to participate in philanthropic giving?

Michelle - “Serving the community is an important aspect of the legal profession and getting involved with the BBF allows younger lawyers an opportunity to step into this role earlier in their career then they might otherwise be able to if they were seeking to serve in the same capacity with a similarly sized non-legal charity. In addition, the BBF supports causes that impact lawyers on a daily basis and organizations that lawyers regularly work with in their practice or volunteer on behalf of.”

How does the Junior Fellows program support the BBF?

Matt – “The money raised from Junior Fellows pledges goes 100% to the BBF’s endowment, which helps ensure the sustainability of the organization into the future, and also creates a lasting and permanent gift from the members.”

How should someone interested in joining the Junior Fellows get involved?

Michelle – “Someone interested in joining the Junior Fellows should attend the Fellows Open House event, held at the Boston Bar Association in January or one of the multiple Junior Fellows happy hours throughout the year. Anyone should feel free to reach out to me, Matt or BBF staff directly to learn more about getting more involved.”