BBA Public Interest Leaders Host Community Reentry Readiness Series on CORI Rights and Reform

The BBA's Public Interest Leadership Program hosted its second seminar for the Community Reentry Readiness Series at the Federal District Court on Wednesday. The seminar, led by Choate Hall & Stewart's Emily Hodge, provided probationers with an introduction to CORI; including rights, recent reform and resources.

Here's what Emily had to say about the seminar:

“CORI law is a complex area and can be challenging to navigate, so I was grateful to have an expert with me for the presentation, Georgia Critsley, General Counsel with the Department of Criminal Justice Information Services. The participants asked thoughtful and insightful questions, and I think we were able to arm them with information and resources that will allow them to obtain copies of their CORIs, correct mistakes, and prepare to answer questions about their records during job interviews.

The PILP class is honored to be able to present these sessions to the CARE and RESTART participants, and we greatly appreciate the support of Judges Sorokin and Hillman, as well as the numerous other program stakeholders who have dedicated their time and provided their input throughout the development of these workshops.”

Emily and Georgia begin by answering the question "What is (a) CORI?"