Adams Benefit is Your Ticket to Must See at the MFA

The BBF John & Abigail Adams Benefit is known for a few things: gourmet food and live music, Boston’s most prominent attorneys and business professionals in one place, a casual agenda in an upscale environment, and of course, the spectacular venue of the Museum of Fine Arts after the doors have been closed to the public. We talked to MFA employees to put together some not-be-missed highlights at the museum for you to check out in between all that dancing and mingling.

Missed the John Singer Sargent Watercolors Exhibit? Not to fear. Though the Museum will be closing the breathtaking watercolors exhibit in late January, many of John Singer Sargent’s works will still be on display throughout the museum. Don’t miss his 1917-1925 murals in the Upper and Lower Rotundas during the cocktail reception. Be sure to also check out of one his most famous paintings, The Daughters of Edward Darly Boit in the Art of the Americas Wing.  If you do you will also see the two gigantic Japanese vases from the painting, which now call the MFA home.

A Little Bit of Ancient Rome in Boston’s Backyard: Next time you find something in your backyard, you might want to give it a second look. In 2011 the MFA was gifted one its newest additions: Juno, a first century A.D. sculpture that was found in the backyard of the Brandegee Estate in Brookline. Clocking in at 13 feet, legend has it this marble statue was brought up the driveway of the Brookline residence by a team of 12 oxen. What we know for sure is that she had to be airlifted and brought in through the MFA roof for our viewing pleasure. After undergoing extensive conservation efforts, she currently sits in the Old Kingdom Gallery by the upper rotunda. Give her a warm welcome on January 25th! 

That Familiar Green Icicle: If you’ve seen the BBF’s promotions for the Adams Benefit, chances are you’ve had a sneak peek at the colossal green statue in the Sharf Visitor Center. Part of the Chihuly: Through the Looking Glass exhibit in 2011, the 42-foot tall Lime Green Icicle Tower took up permanent residence at the MFA after over 1,000 members of the viewing public helped raise $1 million to keep it here in Boston. Over 2,000 individual pieces of glass comprise this one-of-a-kind, 10,000 pound masterpiece.
A Taste of the Far East: It’s not easy to schedule a trip to ancient China, but consider the Adams Benefit the next best thing. During the event, the Chinese Sculpture Gallery will be open to our guests. Among the finest collections in the Western World, the MFA’s assortment of Asian Art includes  a breathtaking collection of Chinese sculptures dating all the way back to the 1st century A.D. Don’t miss the offering shrine with engraved figures and inscriptions, from the early 6th century A.D.  Just make sure to keep a tight hold on your drink while you’re looking these over during the cocktail reception.

Something Closer to Home: For those times when you are having a little hometown nostalgia, the MFA has the newly renovated Art of the Americas Wing to remind us of the beauty on this side of the hemisphere. From The Passage of the Delaware to Watson and the Shark, there is something magical to see for every interest.  One standout is the Sons of Liberty Bowl, Paul Revere, Jr., 1768, which honors the “Glorious Ninety-Two” members of the Massachusetts House of Representatives who refused to rescind a letter sent throughout the colonies protesting the Townshend Acts – a major step in leading the American Revolution.