BBA Lawyer Referral Service Revamps Website

The Lawyer Referral Service, the largest public service program of the Boston Bar Association, has launched a new website featuring an online lawyer request form, and compatibility with all mobile and tablet device technologies. Site visitors will also find updates on news related to the Referral Service, such as upcoming events and trainings, as well as the categories in which its panel of attorneys practices.

For over 50 years, the Lawyer Referral Service of the BBA has been connecting members of the community to lawyers and legal resources for representation, advice, and information on legal issues. Often, people who contact the Lawyer Referral Service cannot afford full fee representation, but through the service can access options suited to their needs, like limited assistance and reduced fee representation. The Referral Service staff now screens over 10,000 requests from the public per year. It is also the only legal referral service in the Greater Boston area to be accredited by the American Bar Association.

The Lawyer Referral Service can be found at