BBF Casino Night Goes All In for Summer Jobs - Meet Roberto

It’s easy to get distracted by the fun and games of the annual BBF Casino Night event -- taking place this year on Thursday, March 27th at 16 Beacon Street -- but it’s important to remember the real beneficiaries of the money raised that night. This year, 100% of the proceeds from BBF Casino Night will support the BBA Summer Jobs Program. We will be running a weekly series of profiles on Summer Jobs students whose jobs were supported by BBF funds. To learn more about how to sponsor or attend the event visit our website or contact Erica Southerland at 617-778-1930.

The Boston Bar Association Summer Jobs program works in concert with the BBF to provide Boston-area high school students with paid summer employment in area firms, businesses, non-profits and government agencies. Last year, funding from the BBF made non-profit and government jobs possible for 13 area students.

Meet Roberto

As all lawyers know, communication is key. Whether it be with colleagues or clients, knowing how to effectively communicate is a vital skill in the professional world. Last summer, Roberto Rodriguez, a senior at East Boston High, learned first-hand how important communication in the workplace is when he interned at the Legal Advocacy Resource Center (LARC), a position funded through the BBF's M. Ellen Carpenter Fund.

"One big takeaway of my job is that it left me better prepared to communicate in a professional manner. I have learned a lot of legal terms and I actually get to talk to people most of the time, so I get a sense of what the lawyers are doing there." Roberto's experience, wasn't just about learning the ins and outs of office professionalism, it also taught him that taking initiative in the workplace can bring new opportunities. As Roberto's summer progressed, his ability to speak Spanish became an asset for LARC. Thanks to his skills, he spent part of his summer translating for staff and screening calls.

Despite his opportunities to work hands on in a legal office environment, Roberto says his favorite part of the job was seeing the professionals at work. "The best experience at my summer job at LARC was seeing the different types of cases and that advice that the attorneys would give (the clients). It really showed me the large variety in law."