Casino Night Goes All In for Summer Jobs - Meet Amadou

It’s easy to get distracted by the fun and games of the annual BBF Casino Night event -- taking place this year on Thursday, March 27th at 16 Beacon Street -- but it’s important to remember the real beneficiaries of the money raised that night. BBA week will be running a bi-weekly series of profiles on BBF Summer Jobs students directly impacted by the funds raised at Casino Night. To learn more about how to sponsor or attend the event, visit our website, or contact Erica Southerland at 617-778-1930.

The Boston Bar Foundation Summer Jobs program works in concert with the BBA to provide Boston-area high school students with paid summer employment in area firms, businesses, non-profits and government agencies. Last year, funding from the BBF made non-profit and government jobs possible for 13 area students. 

Meet Amadou

For most seasoned working professionals, thinking back on summer employment brings memories of lifeguarding, camp counseling, waiting tables and mowing lawns. For Amadou Barry, a current freshman at UMass Dartmouth, her summer consisted of mediations, court visits and mastering Microsoft Office. “Before (my summer job) I only knew how to use the internet in basic ways, and in school I didn’t learn Excel. I think this will help me find an office job,” Amadou said of one of the takeaways of her summer job at the Volunteer Lawyers Project.

Amadou’s summer job also helped to shape her future in an unforeseen way, yet another benefit of a unique summer experience. “My best experience would be attending court. By going to the court one time a week I learned how mediation works.  Now I am minoring in French for translation and mediation in the future.”

The Summer Jobs program has multiple goals: To introduce city kids to the legal profession; to teach them skills they wouldn’t get at an average summer job; and to show them first-hand an employment opportunity they might not otherwise have reached for. Amadou is an example of just one of our countless Summer Jobs alumni success stories. “At the start, I was thinking about going to law school, but I wasn’t sure if I wanted to. This job is helping me to find that it’s really interesting to work in the law, and what they do is real, and helpful.”