On April 15th, the BBA will hold a training session for the annual Law Day in the Schools program in early May.  Designed for grades K-12, Law Day in the Schools allows BBA volunteers to lead interactive, legal-themed discussions at Boston public schools, with students also asked to complete a group project or hold a short mock-trial.  While this year’s program will focus on the Constitution, our members would have no problem creating additional course topics for students of all ages!

If you would like to respond to a future Voices of the Bar, make sure you send a headshot, and contact Kristen DeForrest at kdeforrest@bostonbar.org.

"What class do you wish had been offered in school?"

Avi Lev – Davis, Malm & D'Agostine, P.C.
"I wish I had been offered a class in three-dimensional graphics. I'm enough of a nerd that I would have aced the class, and today my web page would be better than any other tax attorney's."

Maria Buckley – Nutter McClennen & Fish LLP
""Back in the day at Girls' Latin School, I wish we had been offered the option of Italian to satisfy our language requirement.  By the time I got to college, I was tired of the years of French and Latin and wanted nothing more to do with language study.  Although both of my parents were Italian, their parents were from different regions (Sicily and Abruzzi) and there was no true uniform Italian spoken in the home.  Plus, they were from an era of absolute assimilation, so there was no thought of teaching Italian at home.  As a result, I now have a collection of random vocabulary words, the ability to order from an Italian menu, and can summon a handful of colorful expressions.  Yet, I would love to be able to converse, read and write in this beautiful language."

Jeremy Silverfine – Brody, Hardoon, Perkins & Kesten, LLP
"Writing fiction.  Either way it couldn't hurt, and it would be lots of fun."

Nancy Weissman – Attorney at Law
"Geography.  It can be used to study just about anything, from botany to history to art to psychology to literature, and it's a great way to understand how to get from here to just about anywhere.  I also wish they had offered Game theory.  We had economics, we had clinics in housing and criminal and family law, but it would have been helpful to learn the intersection of psychology, economics, logic and math, as applied to legal matters.  Game theory underlies most of the decisions my clients face, whether they are buying a house or making a will or structuring a settlement or negotiating a deal."

William Gibbons – GeoInsight, Inc.
"I wish I had a class that accurately predicted the personal computer revolution.  Maybe if I had understood how VisiCalc and ARPANET would ultimately evolve, I would have made better investment decisions.  Although, those pictures made up of Xs and Os that could be generated on a dot-matrix printer using Basic programming were popular doorway decorations.  Had I only known..."