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BBA Issues Statement Re: Nomination of Justice Lenk to SJC

Following Governor Deval Patrick's announcement that he has nominated Appeals Court Justice Barbara Lenk to serve on the Supreme Judicial Court, BBA President Donald R. Frederico issued a statement:

"We commend both the Governor and the Judicial Nominating Commission for their outstanding work in vetting an extraordinarily impressive pool of candidates, and selecting Justice Barbara Lenk as their nominee. As this Commonwealth's Court of last resort, and as one of the most distinguished state appellate courts in this nation, the Supreme Judicial Court will be well-served by the appointment of Justice Lenk. The people of Massachusetts will benefit from her intellectual acuity, her experience on both the Superior Court and the Appeals Court, and her commitment to fairness and excellence."

She will be a worthy successor to Justice Judith Cowin. We urge the Governor's Council to approve Justice Lenk's appointment.

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