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winter 2011
By Donald R. Frederico
The Abolition of the “Natural” Accumulation Defense in Snow and Ice Cases: an overview of Papadopoulos v. Target
Matthew C. Welnicki
Probate and Family Court: A Vocation,
Not a Job
By Judge Paula Carey
Reflections on the Legacy of Chief Justice Margaret Marshall
Rudolph Kass and Mark V. Green
Advance Conflict Consents: Another View
By J. Charles Mokriski
Employers Google at Their Own Risk: It’s
Important to Know What You Know
By Josh Davis and Katherine Rigby
CORI Reform – Providing Ex-Offenders with Increased Opportunities without Compromising Employers’ Needs
By Gregory I. Massing
Ethics Rules Require Close Supervision of
Offshore Legal Process Outsourcing
By Martha A. Mazzone