CLE Committee Seeks Input and Volunteers for Brown Bag Luncheon Program and CLE Programs

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The CLE Committee of the Bankruptcy Section organizes the  monthly Brown Bag Luncheon program.   For those not familiar, the Brown Bag Luncheon Series provides opportunities for members and non-members to eat their lunch at the BBA headquarters and simultaneously attend an informal seminar.  Attendees can bring their own lunch, or pay a minimal amount to have the BBA provide it.  During lunch a seminar will take place on a pre-assigned topic.  There are usually 3 – 5 speakers and often there are handouts.  There is no fee to attend these lunches unless lunch is purchased from the BBA.   The organizers strive to have an even number of business and consumer topics addressing everyone’s concerns.  Some topics may be general enough to cover both areas, i.e. changes in local rules. Please see the dates below for 2011-2012.

In  addition, the CLE Committee organizes up to four (4) CLE seminars requiring payment to attend.  There will be official written materials provided and  CLE credit  given. 

The Co-Chairs of the Committee would like members of the Bankruptcy Section to review the following questions and provide any feedback by October 1. 

1.  Would you be interested in volunteering to chair a Brown Bag Luncheon or CLE Seminar?  

2.   Would you be interested in speaking at a Brown Bag Luncheon or CLE Seminar?

3.   Do you have ideas for potential subject matters for Brown Bag Luncheons or CLE Seminars?

Please provide feedback to the CLE Chairs:

Daniel Carragher  (Business seminars)
Day Pitney, LLP
(617) 345-4638
Fax:  (617) 345-4745

Ann Brennan   (Consumer seminars)
Ann Brennan Law Offices
(781) 878-6900
Fax:  (866) 739-0168


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