Recent Bankruptcy Lunch Bunch with the Honorable William C. Hillman

Tuesday, January 29, 2013
By Terrence L. Parker, Esq. 

United States Bankruptcy Court Judge William C. Hillman honored the Consumer Bankruptcy Committee of the Boston Bar Association by sitting down at a recent Lunch Bunch session with over twenty practicing bankruptcy attorneys. Judge Hillman is also the Chief Judge of the Bankruptcy Appellate Panel. 

Judge Hillman spoke on a number of topics from the impact of electronic filing to the proposed new rules regarding filing fees. He also engaged in a helpful discussion about what he expects to see from counsel appearing before him. He believes that the vast majority of attorneys are very prepared for hearings, but suggested that there are a small few who might benefit from attending the BBA’s bankruptcy programs. Overall, it was a lively and educational discussion. 

The Co-Chair of the Bankruptcy Section, John Morrier, and the Standing Chapter 13 Trustee, Carolyn Bankowski, were also in attendance. 

Terrence L. Parker, Co-Chair of the Consumer Bankruptcy Committee, added in closing that “Judge Hillman was very candid and he really got into the nuts and bolts of the practice. We thank him for his participation.”

The Consumer Bankruptcy Committee regularly schedules Lunch Bunch meetings with Bankruptcy Judges and Officials. The next Lunch Bunch is scheduled for February 14, 2013 at noon with the Honorable Joan N. Feeney at the McCormack Post Office & Court House - 5 Post Office Square, Third Floor Cafeteria, Boston, Massachusetts.

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