Greening the Profession: Report of the Environmental Sustainability Task Force

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Recognizing that building a sustainable future for our profession and our communities is a shared responsibility and that the BBA is uniquely positioned to advance that goal, President Lisa C. Goodheart and the BBA Council convened an Environmental Sustainability Task Force in September 2011.  This report, titled “Greening of the Profession” is the culmination of the Task Force’s Report. The report contains the results of the Task Force’s efforts in identifying “best practices” for improving sustainability in the legal profession and increasing participation in public service opportunities promoting sustainability.  In its compilation of Best Practices for Sustainability in Law Firms and Legal Organizations, the Task Force first identifies ideas and resources for firms to get started in becoming more sustainable.  For firms and organizations already doing those things, the Task Force offers suggestions for longer term investments and goals.  The report also includes a summary of the public service events where BBA members engaged in efforts that promote a more sustainable environment throughout the past year. In addition, the report contains a list of pro bono legal services opportunities in the environmental arena.

For the full report, click here.