From the Boston Bar Journal: Our Sustainable Future and the Greening of the Profession

Monday, January 09, 2012

By Lisa C. Goodheart

Over its long history dating back to John Adams, the Boston Bar Association has earned an enviable reputation based on principled positions and important policy initiatives. In considering that history, I am impressed by the extent to which the BBA’s initiatives reflect a clear recognition of our shared responsibility to build a strong and sustainable future. Our commitments to equal rights and access to justice can certainly be understood in those terms, as can our commitments to diversity and inclusion in the profession, to supporting new lawyers entering the profession, and to public service, pro bono work and community involvement. The BBA is a community with a great tradition of investing in the future of the things we value. This tradition has shaped our community in fundamental ways.

I was personally introduced to the BBA many years ago through the network of environmental lawyers in Boston. My opposing counsel in a large environmental insurance case, Mary Ryan (who later became a BBA President), invited me to attend a lunch meeting of the Environmental Litigation Committee. I went, had fun, learned some useful things and made some new connections. Starting with that introduction, I became more and more involved in the BBA over time. All of us who have benefited from this sort of mentoring should likewise make the effort to encourage other lawyers, including those who are less experienced but offer new energy and different perspectives, to come on up to 16 Beacon Street and participate in the BBA. Doing so is an important personal investment in the future of our legal community and the continued vitality of our Association.

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