Family Law Newsletter Spring 2013: Technology Corner

Tuesday, April 02, 2013

From time to time we come across useful technology in the course of our practice which makes life just a little easier.  Based on the recommendation of some family law practitioners we decided to include a new section to our newsletter.   This section will be included when someone brings a useful tool to our attention which they deem worthy of sharing with the section.  By sharing this information, we are in no way suggesting the BBA endorses any of these tools – it is merely meant to be a way of sharing information among colleagues of tools one or more of us has found to be helpful.  So, with that being said, certain members of the Family Law Steering Committee report that they have begun using two apps on their smart phones which have been helpful in their practice.

Turboscan is an app which permits the user to take a picture of a document and turns it directly into a pdf.  This is useful if you are in court and reach a stipulation but either can’t find a staff member with the time or inclination to make you a copy and/or there are no working copy machines – a dilemma we have probably all faced.  With this app, you can take a picture of the stipulation and pdf it to yourself, your client and opposing counsel.

Fastcase is an app which permits you to bring up cases on your smart phone if you find yourself in court in need of a quick citation reference to a case on point.

If you have come across any apps or other technology tools worthy of sharing, please email us with a brief description of the tool so we can share in future newsletters.