Spring 2017: Pro Bono Spotlight: About the Women’s Prison and Re-Entry Project (formerly the Framingham Project) of the Women’s Bar Foundation

The Women’s Prison and Re-Entry Project (WPRP) is a project of the Women’s Bar Foundation that provides pro bono educational services to women who are incarcerated or participating in community re-entry programs in Massachusetts. We have regular programs at Suffolk County House of Corrections (South Bay), McGrath House, and Office of Community Corrections where we meet with small groups of women to apprise them of their rights and answer questions about family law matters (including custody, guardianship, parenting time, child support, DCF, etc.), housing, and criminal law, including CORI issues. We provide valuable information about: planning for their children while incarcerated; petitioning the court for necessary modifications to child support orders and parenting plans; working with the housing authorities, where possible, to keep the children in their home with other family members; and criminal law, procedure, and record-sealing.

For more information about WPRP or to learn about volunteer opportunities, please contact Miriam Ruttenberg at mruttenberg@mhlac.org or Norma Freitas at nsfreitas@aol.com.