Winter 2012 Health Law Reporter

Wednesday, April 04, 2012

The Winter 2012 issue of the Health Law Reporter is now available! Click here to view.

Inside this Issue: 

  • The Fiduciary Duty of a Charitable Corporation’s Sole Corporate Member: New Law and New Questions
    by Julia R. Hesse and David S. Szabo
  • Antitrust Regulators Back Away From ACO Proposed Statement: Will the Guidance Be Sufficient to Protect Competition While Eliminating the Antitrust Deterrent to ACO Formation?
    by Patricia A. Sullivan 
  • ACOs and the Medicare Shared Savings Program: Training Wheels for the Future’s Risk Based Environment
    by Regina S. Rockefeller
  • Sunshine Is On the Way: Federal Reporting Law Proposed Rule
    by William A. Mandell
  • Perspectives: An Act Promoting Equity and Efficiency in Rates
    by Karen Granhoff and Eric Linzer
  • Policymaker Profile: Mary Beckman
    by Merritt Dattel McGowan
  • Health Law Brief: Ryo Cigar Association, Inc. v. Boston Public Health Commission, 79 Mass.App.Ct. 822 (2011)
    by Amy Kaufman 
  • Health Law Brief: State of New York, et al. v. Amgen, Inc., et al., 652 F. 3d 103 (1st Cir. 2011)
    by Alexis Bortniker
  • Health Law Brief: Sisson v. Lhowe
    by Lynn M. Squillace
  • Health Law Brief: Gargiulo v. Baystate Health, Inc., et al.
    by Torrey Young

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