BBA Welcomes Visitors from Vietnam

On Tuesday, June 25th a group of ten visitors from Vietnam stopped by 16 Beacon Street to learn about the BBA and Intellectual Property Law in the United States thanks to WorldBoston. The delegation, an accomplished group, consisted of nationally renowned poets, composers, journalists, and musicians as well as two attorneys working to help protect media rights in Vietnam. While BBA representatives discussed the mission of the BBA and its IP Section, substantive IP issues were addressed, with a focus on the global reach of both business and art, specifically the implications of intellectual property rights in various countries beyond the work’s country of origin. Guests were especially impressed by the number of BBA attorneys (more than 10,000) considering the entire country of Vietnam only has 2,000 attorneys.

This is not the first time the BBA has had international visitors. In the past few years the BBA has welcomed delegations from Russia, Sweden and Ireland to 16 Beacon Street.

Special thanks to BBA representatives:
Russell Beck (Beck Reed & Riden LLP) - IP Section Co-Chair,
Stacey Friends (Ruberto, Israel & Weiner PC) - IP Section Arts, Entertainment, & Sports Law Co-Chair,
Chinh Pham (Greenberg Traurig LLP) - IP Section & Education Committee member