Ghanaian King to Speak on Agriculture, Sustainability and Poverty at Boston Bar

On Tuesday, October 22nd at 5 pm, Osagyefuo Ofori Panin, the King of the Akyem Abuakwa Traditional Area in Ghana, will visit the BBA's 16 Beacon Street headquarters for a talk on his area's vision and experience of efforts to save the earth and humanity in Africa. The Akyem Abuakwa Traditional Council, located in the eastern part of Ghana, resolved to establish a university dedicated to agriculture and the environment as way of fighting poverty, disease, and environmental degradation.

Besides his role as a king, Osagyefuo Ofori Panin also occupies the following positions: the Chancellor of the University College of Agriculture and Environmental Studies, the immediate former Chairman of Ghana Environmental Protection Agency, former Chairman of Forest Plantation Development Fund Board, Member of the Advisory Council to the Prince Charles's Rainforest Project (UK), the World Bank Global Environmental Facility and Honorary Vice President for West Africa, Board of Birdlife International.

Join us this rare opportunity to hear Osagyefuo Ofori Panin speak, followed by a networking reception. Click here to register.