BBA Judicial Internship Program - More than Just a Summer Job

The Diversity & Inclusion Section’s Summer Judicial interns are fully immersed in what has been a very busy summer. Currently in its second year, the program offers diverse first year law students the opportunity to work directly with a judge, observe courtroom proceedings, enhance their legal research and writing skills while building meaningful connections within the legal community. The BBA’s 24 Judicial Interns are spending their summers alongside judges in the Boston Municipal Courts, District Courts and Probate & Family Courts, but that’s not all the program has to offer.

In addition to their work in the courts, interns participate in weekly professional networking luncheons held at the BBA where they have been introduced to practitioners from various corners of the profession.

According to Matt LaMonaca, of Boston College Law School:

“The lunch meetings have been a good way to learn what's out there. A lot of us still aren't sure what kind of lawyers we want to be, or what it's like to be a lawyer in any specific field. Now that we're starting our job searches it's extremely helpful to hear first-hand what it's like to practice from different types of attorneys and judges.”

Students have observed oral arguments at the Appeals Court, participated in a tour of the Supreme Judicial Court and even met with Justice Gants on Wednesday.

Here’s what intern Michelle Lum had to say about her time at the SJC:

“Being able to hear Justice Gants’ perspective on the SJC, his experiences on the bench, and his advice to us was invaluable.  It was a great experience that I am lucky to have been a part of.”

Under the direction of Diversity & Inclusion Section Co-chair Christina Miller, students are also working on researching and writing case summaries each week on the cases decided by the Appeals Court and SJC this year. At the end of the summer, their write-ups will be compiled on a blog which can be used as writing sample resource for the students going forward.

Extremely understaffed, the courts welcome the assistance students are providing. Without a doubt, the career development opportunities offered through this program provide an immeasurable benefit to the students too.

Talyia Hithe of New England Law Boston, explains: “I have learned to have an open mind when it comes to any employment options I may face in my future. It is great learning about different professions and the path some of the attorneys took to get into those professions.”