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BBA Meets with the Chief Justices

We do it every fall. Because of the primary importance to the BBA of the judicial system in Massachusetts, the incoming BBA President meets each year with the chief judges at every level—the heads of the SJC and the Appeals Court, the US District Court, Bankruptcy Court, and Circuit of Appeals, the Chief Justice and Administrator of the Trial Court (together), and the leaders of each of the Trial Court’s seven departments: Superior Court, District Court, Boston Municipal Court, Housing Court, Juvenile Court, Land Court, and Probate & Family Court.
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Real Estate Committees

  • Affordable Housing Committee
    The purpose of this committee is to educate the local bar concerning new initiatives in financing and developing affordable housing.

    Contact Information

    Johanna Smith

    The Community Builders, Inc.

    (617) 695-9595

    Eric Shupin

    Citizens Housing & Planning Association

    (617) 742-0820

  • Construction Law Committee
    This committee addresses all aspects of construction law, including contract documents and alternative project delivery systems; construction litigation, arbitration and ADR; public contract law and other legal issues of interest to practitioners who handle matters relating to construction.

    Contact Information

    Kenneth E. Rubinstein

    Preti Flaherty

    (603) 410-1500

    Leah A. Rochwarg

    Seyfarth Shaw LLP

    (617) 946-4957

  • Land Use and Development Committee
    This committee focuses on issues related to land use and development in the context of real estate transactions.

    Contact Information

    Nina Pickering-Cook

    Anderson & Kreiger LLP

    (617) 621-6536

    Timothy C. Twardowski

    Robinson & Cole LLP

    (617) 557-5965

  • Leasing Committee
    This committee studies issues affecting this area of practice and plans educational programs led by experienced leasing lawyers and other senior real estate practitioners.

    Contact Information

    Robert A Kubica

    The Davis Companies

    (617) 451-1300

    Beth A Goldstein

    Sherin and Lodgen LLP

    (617) 646-2050

  • Real Estate Finance Committee
    This committee is concerned with all aspects of financing real estate transactions.

    Contact Information

    Christopher M. Sacht

    Hackett Feinberg P.C.

    (617) 422.0200

    Julie Herb Peabody

    KJP Partners LLP

    (617) 409-5396

  • Real Estate Public Policy Committee
    The BBA is very active in legislative and regulatory changes. Real estate attorneys are often asked to lend their expertise.
  • Real Estate Public Service Committee
    This committee oversees the BBA’s Lawyer for the Day in Boston Housing Court. The Real Estate Section has provided educational programs both membership-wide and to the public on issues related to landlord and tenant law and the Housing Court.

    Contact Information

    Pattie Whiting

    Harvard Legal Aid Bureau

    (617) 495-4408

    William B. Brady

    Goodwin Procter LLP

    (617) 570-1571

  • Steering Committee
    The leadership committee of the Section organizes programs and discusses policy. To inquire about opportunities, please contact the Section Co-Chairs.
  • Title & Conveyancing Committee
    This committee covers topics such as mechanic's liens, survey matters and affirmative coverage; sophisticated title insurance endorsements; lis pendens; real estate litigation; title insurance claims; bankruptcy and creditors' rights; the land registration system; offers to purchase real estate; purchase and sale agreements; hazardous substances; forms of ownership; mortgages, foreclosures, easements and restrictions; and broker and lender relationships.

    Contact Information

    Megan Goldman Watts

    Goulston & Storrs PC

    (617) 482-1776

    Anthony Bucchere

    First American Title Insurance Company

    (617) 7729268