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Anti-Gun Violence Advocate John Rosenthal to Speak at 16 Beacon

On April 24th the BBA Criminal Law Section will welcome John Rosenthal, Founder of Stop Handgun Violence and President of Meredith Management, who will speak about his efforts to increase public awareness of gun violence and recently filed legislation regarding gun control.

Criminal Law Section Co-Chair, Georgia Critsley, shared the importance of John’s upcoming visit with BBA Week :

“John is the state’s most prominent gun control activist an important national voice in conversations about handgun violence.  With pending state legislation about gun control, the US Senate’s recent voting down of enhanced background checks requirement, and an assault weapons and high-capacity gun magazine ban, his voice is even more crucial to the discussion of solutions to the national gun violence problem.”

After the remarks the section will host a reception providing attendees an opportunity to meet many of the top criminal law practitioners in the Boston area. To register, click here.

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